515 Percy King Road, Borden, IN 47106, US

Artist, graphic designer, adventurer.

Eco-friendly paintings inspired by backpacking and nature. 

I also design logos, branding and commissioned art.

Natural Art

Sketching in nature

I love to be outside, hiking, exploring, and creating art.

Keeping it simple

I love finding clay to crush and natural pigments to mix with walnut oil or honey to make paint. I stretch my own canvas using humane plant-based gesso, or use eco-friendly paper.

Landscapes and figures

I try to capture the energy and color in nature, often with a figurative quality. I love yoga and rock climbing, so I enjoy seeing the movement and flow of everything around me.


Karen Boone

515 Percy King Road, Borden, IN 47106, US

(502) 488-0566

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